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Attention Business Owners, Affiliates & Marketing Professionals

Mass Coupon Submitter V4 - Business Edition Is The All-In-One Coupon Distribution Platform That Will Enable You To Grow Your Clients Business With Real Buyer Traffic, High PA/DA Inbound Links & Authority Affiliate Network Partners!

Coupon Code & Discount Offer Redemption Is at an all-time HIGH in 2019 a trend that rises year over year!

When getting your offer to market before your competition is paramount

Trust Mass Coupon Submitter To Get It Done Right & In A Fraction Of The Time!
Yes I want more sales, traffic and authority links!

You need to attract the audience that fits your products & services

Sure there is traffic available on the social networks but are they looking to buy?

However savvy consumers are not there they are looking for a coupon! Follow the buyer intent to close that sale!

Mass Coupon Submitter Works With Any Business That Uses Coupon Codes, Vouchers, Discount Offers!

You can use Mass Coupon Submitter With these business and more. In fact you can add any category you want!
Plan Think it through
Implement Turn your thoughts into action
Execute Makle your plan a reality
Reports Track results

Some important coupon facts to consider:

Savvy consumers are using coupons and more and more their usage is automated with tools that are now incorporated into MCS!

86% percent of shoppers are influenced by coupons to try a new product
97% of consumers look for deals when they shop and 92% said they are always looking!
Over half of consumers use a coupon in at least one of every four purchases!

Checkout The Software Screenshots!

Main Coupon / Voucher / Code Submission Screen

Main Page

Main Coupon Submission Page

From here you will process all of your coupon submissions.  The main window will track and update you on the progress of your submission as each action is completed.  Start and stop the action from here at any time or set detailed mode which will pop up a prompt before submitting to any site – this allows you to manually review and make any edits you wish. MCS now has a 100% success rate.  Take it for a spin and enjoy the real customer traffic translated into added sales, authority inbound links and affiliate partnerships.

Save / Load Coupon & Business Details Management Page

Main Coupon/Business Details Page

From here you will manage both your coupon and business details.  In the top pane you can save/load/edit or delete your coupon details. Additionally as you can now load both coupon and business separately; this allows for unlimited combinations ultimately saving you time. Before you start your coupon submission run preview your coupon to make sure everything is perfect. New in V4 you will find a partnership module, this allows you to submit your business service and/or products to very high traffic partners who will promote your products in their networks with affiliate links and ID’s.
Coupon & Business Details Tab2

Program Settings

Program Settings

From here you will configure your preferred browser – yes MCS uses your own built in Chrome or Firefox browser in order to look 100% like you! Enter your captcha service details here is order to speed up submissions and avoid aggravating capchas.   Email functions will be further enabled for direct submissions via email (coming soon) Note* software will automatically load these settings on program launch.

Check Out The Huge Page & Domain Authority On These Sites!

Current Users
Milestones (versions)
Auto Submit To

Being Productive With Online Coupons Has Never Been Easier!

Instead of spending HOURS finding sites to advertise on Save hundreds of hours growing your business!

The manual and often overlooked processes of creating accounts, recalling and editing your offers and business details, confirming emails and posting over and over again is now a thing of the past.

Let Mass Coupon Submitter do all the work!

Take all the repetitive work out of coupon code submissions for your affiliate offers & especially brick & mortar promotions.

Secure your exclusive license now!


Advertising Is Expensive & Time Consuming!

Well No Longer! With Mass Coupon Submitter Software in your toolbox; Enabling You To Broadcast Your Coupon Codes & Special Offers To The Entire Web With Just A Few Clicks!
Yes I want my own coupon submitting army!

Mass Coupon Submitter PRO V4

2019/09/19 16:00:00

Only $57.00! For A Limited Time Act Now Prices Subject To Change With Frequent Updates

V4 Update : Apr 21st/19 Price Increases to $97 on next update (Sept 19) Deliver what your customer's are looking for with one click automation! Act NOW for immediate access to YOUR own personal Coupon Submitting ARMY!

When you complete your order you will be directed
to your software download instantly.

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Over 7 Years Of Updates & Coupon Marketing Expertise Packed Into V4 !

This Is A Trend You Don’t Want To Be Behind The Curve On!

Google Trend 2019

Mass Coupon Submitter Submits To Every Kind Of Coupon Site!

  • Sites requiring account management to log in and out
  • Sites you can post direct through a custom form  
  • Sites with contact forms specifically for coupon submission
  • Sites that want to partner with you and require business and / or affiliate details
  • Sites that use math, questions and basic captcha  
  • Sites that use advanced detection techniques to deter automation including picture recaptchas  

Increase Sales

More exposure to your products and services means more sales.

Increase Brand Awareness

All of the biggest brands use coupons and discount offers. Advertise where they do with MCS.

Partner With Coupon Networks

You can’t do all the work yourself thats why MCS helps you build affiliates and secure new partners

Build Authority Links

A link to your site is a vote for it in Googles eyes.  Build hundreds of high authority links on autopilot

Saving Time Is Key

Maximizing your time will increase your results

Hands Free Automation

Check out all the built in marketing automation features:

Multi-Threaded Operation

Detailed Mode. Ensuring every submission is 100% accurate!

Effortless Captcha Solving

Effortless Captcha Solving. Full integration with the top captcha solving services from 2 Captcha, Death By Captcha, Bypass Captcha and Captcha Sniper or you can do them manually!  MCS Solves even Pic Captchas!

In its 4th major revision, Mass Coupon Submitter has grown to incorporate many new methods to maintain anomoty including captcha solving even using your built in Chrome or Firefox browser to remain 100% human ‘looking’. This software is ever green and is updated on a regular basis with new features and site specific updates.

Receive top notch support to all of your questions and inquiries within a very timely manner. (Usually within the hour) Create a ticket and monitor its progress, Richard is standing by to answer any of your questions and to help you apply mass coupon submitter to your business today!

Mass Coupon Submitter has evolved from just a windows software and is  also available as an android app and from any web enabled device through a browser. Imagine walking into a business, say a restaurant and demonstrating right there and then what you can do for their business on your phone! (Depreciated but coming back soon)

Coupon Submission Software