Breakdown of Settings, Log, Reports & Coupon Preview

Breakdown of Settings, Log, Reports & Coupon Preview


You will need a captcha solving account to solve the pic captchas otherwise you can use detailed mode to pause and allow you to complete them manually. (We recommend 2Captcha which can solve V2 & V3)

Email server settings to email email coupon offers to distributers (coming soon module)

Preferred Browser – Select from Chrome (Recommended; lower memory, more accurate) or Firefox.

When ready click save to save your settings.  (Will automatically load on MCS launch)

Detailed Submission Reports


Detailed Reports

Click Export Report to open a replica of your submissions window.

You can save in any format you wish to wherever suits you best.

Close when finished

Debugging Logs


Debugging Log

Click View Log to open the running log of MCS activity, including progress, sites submitted too, project load, stop, and run times.

Click Save log to save the current log and also clear the log.  *note on submission completion you will be presented with a pop up asking if you would like to save and clear the log. (recommended)
Close or click off when finished

Coupon Preview

Coupon PreviewFrom Page Tab2 Coupons, under the load coupon section click Preview to activate the Coupon Preview window.

*Note This is just a rough faximile of what your finished coupon offer would look like if it was to be printed in a newspaper or flyer.