Coupon Submissions Tab 1

Coupon Submissions Tab 1

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Main Page Tab - Submissions - Break Down

Submission Page Breakdown

Submissions – Tab 1 – Break Down

  1.  Main Naviagation Select 1st Tab For Submissions
  2.  Main Submissions Window. Select sites to submit to be clicking their checkbox or using the ‘selections choices’ pane ‘3’. Take note of Total Selected *May not show till ‘Run’ Clicked
  3.  Site Selections – Click a selection to choose all the associated types of sites. Choose from all sites, sites that require an account, those that dont, partnership requests, contact coupon submissions,directory listing of pages, Capacha V1,V2. Also note double clicking will unselect, for example select all then capcha v2 to remove all pic captcha sites
  4.  Main functionsRUN – Start your submissions | Stop – Stop submitting | Settings – Open settings panel | Refresh UI – Occassionally the Submission table may skib a beat simply refresh the UI.
  5.  Detailed Reports – You can export a copy of the current submissions table at any time, simply click export report and then save in your preferred format
  6.  Debug Log – View or save the current log . * Note at end of submission you will be presented with a pop up allowing you to save and clear the log. This is recommended if you have less than 8 gig of memory
  7.  Detail Mode – Enabling detail mode presents a pop up before captcha or submission. This allows you time to solve the captcha or select any options that may have been missed. (MCS will try to get categories right but is not always 100% accurate)*Note About Search Function within main submission table. 
    Ensure you clear the search field before proceeding with submission

    Progrss Bar

    You will see the progress bar scroll through as your submissions nears completion.