Coupon Submitter Software Manual

Coupon Submitter Software Manual

Table Of Contents

Start here for support getting started with installation
Please note the software is encrypted and may require you to allow it through your av and firewall.  You might get a false alert because the software is encrypted and windows cannot see inside it.  If so, you will need to create an exception in your av &/or firewall software and allow the “c:/masscouponsubmitter”folder through it.  Learn how

Software Pages & Functions

Main Page Submissions Tab 1
– Submissions Table
– Functions

Coupon & Business Setup Tab 2
– Coupon Details
– Business Details

Settings, Log, Reports & Preview Modules
– Settings
– Detailed Reports
– Debugger Log
– Coupon Preview

Best practices

Notes about submission types and specific trouble websites

Known issues & bugs

Update Log – History Of MCS updates



This is the main page of MCS. From here you will process submissions,  get reports and logs.   Start and stop your submission progress.  The submission action will take place in the preferred browser you defined in settings. We will come back to this in more detail but for lets set up a new client.

Breakdown of every function on Tab1

Coupons & Business Details


This is where you will create, save and load both your coupon details and your business  profile. Allowing you to mix and match both coupons and business profiles for an unlimited combination that will save you time repeating coupon related tasks and entering your NAP over and over.

Break down of every function on Tab 2

Settings, Reports, Log, Coupon Preview

Configure your settings for email, preferred browser and captcha settings.  Save detailed client submission reports to any preferred format.  Track submission progress and save detailed reports for later review.

Breakdown of Settings, Reports,Log and Coupon Preview

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