Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I use this to promote affiliate offers?

A. Yes I have been using this for commission junction, clickbank and amazon products. Additional training materials will be added to main site page detailing how to manage these types of offers. Thinking outside the box can reap massive rewards here.

Q. How many coupon sites does your bot support at this moment ?

A. Currently there is 75 with plans to add 10 a month perhaps more if there are enough new sites added by users through the interface. Yes you can add them from the bot.

Q. When will I get my purchase/review copy?

A. Delivery is instant if something goes wrong and you do not get your copy right away please email with your receipt # , full name as displayed in paypal and purchase email address.

Q. I installed and registered Mass Coupon Submitter without any problems.
However, when I try to login to the MicroBot.Co using the same email
address and the password (shown below) it rejects me

A. The license information will only give access to the bot, there is no member content on the site yet and when there is it will be subscription based for a combination of bots. Of course all users who purchase Mass Coupon Submitter will get ALL UPDATES through the BOT ITSELF and any new site additions will be added into the bot such as a training module which will be coming shortly.

Q. What kind of updates can I expect from Mass Coupon Submitter?

A. Once we get through initial bugs, pdf flyer submission will be built into our main site and integrated to the bot. Next comes advanced search functionality to search coupons that are awaiting approval and catalog the results. Regular fixes for sites that change or break and addition of new sites monthly.

Q. Do I need to have a proxy or captcha solving service?

A. Quick answer is NO. regular use does not require one. The tool has a field to enter in a proxy (IF) you are blasting more than 5 offers a day you may want to consider using one. In settings the software has an option to search proxies for you and saves a proxies.txt file to your desktop. This is a totally free Proxy solution but it does not compare to paid services.

Just over half of the sites require captcha solving which is very common now. You can use death by captcha, decapture, bypass captcha or solve them by hand which isnt so bad. Mass Coupon Submitter has been tested and works with captcha sniper and Proxy Goblin software.

Q. I get this error when installing – Operation must use an updateable query
then: Cannot create file…\botrun.tmp. Access is denied

A. This is because you installed the software into your program files which requires administrator access to write too. You will either have to run the program as admin by right clicking the exe, choosing properties, then compatibility check the box at the bottom for run as admin or if you have problems with that, uninstall and reinstall into any other folder.

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