Getting Started

Getting Started

Coupon Submitter Manual (V3) Depreciated

V4 User Manual Here

Please note the software is encrypted and may require you to allow it through your av and firewall.  You might need to create an exception in your av/firewall software and allow the “c:/masscouponsubmitter”folder through it.  Learn how

Start by setting up your coupon offer. The site name will become the project name once your run it (to rerun later or view reports)

(Note** Software Auto Updates Itself)

Click Preview Coupon To View an approx facsimile of your coupon – See image below

Short URL – enabling this function will apply a short url to your site url  *Some sites may block short urls

Meta Data – Enabling this function will prompt the software to navigate to your site url and retrieve meta data.
*Will be used on sites that require additional details or longer posts.

Existing Projects

To load an existing project simply choose the project from the drop down and click load.

To delete a project choose it from the drop down and click DEL

To View an existing report load the project then click View Report *Rerunning project may overwrite old report

Proxy Manager

Load your proxies by copying them into the text box OR enable HMA to connect and change once per run
*You must select your hma folder location

Facebook Groups

Begin by clicking “Login” – hint configure your token for a longer lasting facebook experience

Harvesting Groups

Begin by clicking Search.
Follow the prompts to choose a search term then save the results.
You will then need to manually check and verify the group is appropriate for your needs and join the group (& get approved)

Posting your coupon to Facebook groups

Once you are approved , load your list of approved groups, set your delay and click FB Group Post to begin the submission

Posting Your Offer to the sites

Once your coupon is set up or an existing project loaded head back to tab 1 and choose to run the sites one by one individually by clicking “Single Mode” OR
Choose how many threads to run (concurrent submissions) and click “RUN ALL”

Follow the progress in the results window and main browser window(s) below

Once completed your project will be saved & ready for sharing with your client

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