Why Should Local Business’ Submit Coupons To More Coupon Specialty Sites Than Just Facebook?

Discounts & special offers always get me excited, I don’t know about you but the average consumer looks forward to these emails from their favorite brands. Before going to an open shopping website or using an app, they search for the best possible deals and coupon codes for their purchase. Coupons are usually a custom code that consists of letters, numbers or a combination that you can then enter into a promotional box on a website’s shopping cart (or checkout page) to enjoy a discount on the purchase.

Most coupon codes enable the consumer to access a discount for different online purchases like a few dollars off or a percentage off the entire purchase perhaps free shipping or alternative discounts as publicized by the merchant. Other phrases used for coupon codes are – discount code, promotional or promo code, offer code, gift code, and other similar phrases. An example coupon code may indicate the expiry date and the percentage off. 061420off Indicates that it expires June 14th and gives 20% off for example.

Coupon codes are offered as a strategy by marketers to online shoppers. Many online merchants strategically do not offer the coupon codes directly on their website you shop from, but instead, they will offer the codes through various affiliate programs or offer member-only coupon codes in email newsletters or retail blog posts. Some marketers include online order coupon codes in print advertising, social media posts and other forms of business literature. In addition to these, there are several websites also that track & allow merchants to submit new coupons from online merchants worldwide.

Let’s discover more reasons why marketers need to submit coupons on different platforms & what are the strategies behind it:

SEO Advantages

While many make the assumption that coupon codes, vouchers and discount offers that merchants create are totally sales-oriented, it’s a known fact that links from coupon sites can significantly boost website SEO at the same time. By setting up coupon codes and discounts with the right strategy, you can generate a searchable keyword for your website. Most of the coupon sites include the submission of coupons with your web-page link tied with that promotion. This helps your site to get an inbound link that will help your page creep up the search results.

Maybe visitors don’t use the coupon or purchase from your website, but you may be able to attract & encourage them to click through other product pages and make them stay on your website long enough to get a positive impact to your SEO ranking factors.

Real Traffic Advantages

Who will search for a discount or promotional coupons? In most of the cases, the seeker for that product or service. In several cases, as discussed earlier, coupons are less about actual sales and more about attracting traffic and driving engagement.

Coupon code’s promoted through a marketing campaign will encourage more people to visit your website and explore your products/services. Converting real traffic to paying customers is always something marketers and business’ alike are looking for.

Traffic generated from this strategy will be real in most of the cases. You can engage, encourage & educate them to purchase your products – may be not at that moment, but sometime later if you capture their email address.

High DA and PA of Coupon Sites

Generally, coupon sites enjoy a high volume of real traffic for the deals available on their website. Their Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA) are normally high. In the off-page strategy of SEO, if you get a link backed by high DA & PA websites, your website SEO gets an unprecedented boost.

Now, consider if you are getting multiple backlinks from these high DA & PA coupon websites regularly just how quickly you will gain rank for your terms, products and brand names.

New Customers Acquisition

Many businesses use promotional coupons to entice new customers under their customer acquisition strategy. Here, the coupon campaign is structured in a way that the new customers get discounted price or cashback or other benefits on buying the product or service for the first time. If your goal is to acquire new customers, the best option is probably to structure a well-planned campaign & publish coupon on large, recognizable coupon submission sites.

Customer Retention Advantages

Acquiring a new customer is always an expensive affair compared to retaining an existing customer. Generally, on average, acquiring a new customer can cost 3X more than retaining an existing one. To retain customers, coupons are structured to reward existing customers and encourage them to purchase again and again. These deals can be submitted on coupon sites to increase visibility to a broader audience. Also, these deals are generally published via customer email lists, social media posts, or displayed on the company’s website/App.

Word of Mouth Advantages (Brand Recognition)

Ultimately, deals are a great tool for Word of Mouth marketing. By planning & structuring a great deal, you can often encourage users to share them on different social media sites or in their peer network. You can even submit these deals to many highly trafficked coupon sites; where tons of shares can happen.
Coupons are surely not the newest marketing phenom but they can be more innovative and successful when properly planned & executed with an existing software designed specifically for submitting coupons and coupon codes.

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